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Day of Service


Kindergarteners will create chew toys for animals in shelters and have a visit from the Humane Society. In the afternoon, they will listen to a guest speaker from the Guide Dogs for the Blind.

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First Grade

First graders will be traveling to Build A Bear to make teddy bears for the San Mateo County Rescue. They will visit Sunrise Assisted Living to share their book dioramas with the Sunrise community.

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Second Grade

Second graders are crafting no-sew blankets for the homeless.

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Third Grade

Third graders are donating their favorite books and will create book reviews for children at St. Francis Center.

Third grade

Fourth Grade

Fourth grade will have a guest speaker from the San Mateo County Counseling Service to talk about art therapy. Each student will design a bag and fill it with play and art therapy supplies.

Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade will spend the morning writing thoughtful letters to the Veterans. They will also be designing market materials to collect mugs and water bottles for St. Bruno’s Church in San Bruno.

Fifth grade

Sixth Grade

Sixth graders will focus on collecting and organizing Comfort Kid Kits and Toiletry bags for the Ronald McDonald house.

Sixth grade

Seventh Grade

Seventh grade class will make care bags for at-risk newborn children. All donations will be going to the Bundle of Joy Program through the Keller Foundation at the San Mateo County Hospital. They will have a guest speaker to share the support that this program provides for at risk children and the impact that IHM student will have on making a difference.

Seventh grade

Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade will travel to Saint Vincent de Paul to pack belongings to those less fortunate.

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Our day will end with school-wide participation in Jump Rope for HEART where students will exercise their Healthy character and Active Christianity through a jump rope competition to raise money for the American Heart Association.

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