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Principal's Welcome

As the Principal of this distinguished school full of history and nostalgia nestled in beautiful Belmont, California, allow me to be the first to welcome you to Immaculate Heart of Mary School!

We at Immaculate Heart of Mary School have provided wonderful opportunities for children to develop their faith, academic knowledge, extra-curricular and community-based service skills for nearly 70 years when we first opened our doors in 1952. Today, we still serve students and their families as we did in 1952 with love and joy!

At Immaculate Heart of Mary School, we are proud to be a STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) faith-based Catholic school centered on Christ, hands-on learning, the arts, and sciences. We have a state of the art Science Lab where we utlize the LabLearner Science Curriculum based on NextGen Science Standards. We also have a Makerspace/STREAM Lab where you can find students creating an unique art piece, designing and engineering a building in Makerspace with our 3-D printers, or building a Lego creation on our Lego Wall for fun! At IHM, we also offer Robotics, Coding, Yearbook/Journalism, Intro to Guitar, Intro to Law as well as Drama.

For extracurricular activities, you will find our students engaged in Choir, Student Council, Baseball, Volleyball, Golf, Basketball, Track, Jr. Pom Squad, Chess, Lego League, and Gymnastics to name a few.

At Immaculate Heart of Mary School, we are committed to the growth of our Catholic identity, academic potential, and community involvement. We like to say our students have "HEART"! Accredited by the Western Catholic Education Association, Immaculate Heart of Mary School is delighted to foster a nurturing Catholic school community where children receive a strong spiritual and academic foundation based on Gospel values for the future leaders of God's world. We encourage your family to join us in our journey. Our students create, pray, and love! Come see what else they can do!

In the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

Dr. Andrea Harville, Principal