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Immaculate Heart of Mary School is proud to offer an outstanding athletic program. We feel that athletics and extracurricular activities are an essential part of a balanced education. As part of our philosophy of educating the whole child, Immaculate Heart of Mary School encourages student involvement in the athletic program, which includes both physical education class and extracurricular sports. The purpose of the program is to instruct students in the fundamentals of individual sports and to foster a sense of teamwork and good sportsmanship. We are committed to increasing each student player's understanding of the game, while building character, self-esteem and discipline. We are also proud to foster a joyful and supportive athletic climate and culture. With two Physical Education Teachers, an Athletic Director, and several coaches on our staff roster, our athletic program strives to be Cougar Strong!

IHM School is proud to offer extracurricular athletic opportunities for all of our young athletes. Interscholastic competition is offered each season starting in grade 4 through the Peninsula Parishes School League (PPSL). "The purpose of this organization shall be to foster a spirit of cooperation and friendly competition among the Catholic parishes/schools of San Mateo County. This program shall strive to enrich our students physically and socially by developing practices of good sportsmanship, encouraging participation, and building self-esteem in all participants."

While most extracurricular sports normally begin in Grade 4, IHM School is also proud to offer extracurricular athletic opportunities for students in Grades K - 3 as well. Some of the athletics we offer are:

FALL: Volleyball, Baseball, and Golf

WINTER: Basketball and Jr. Pom Squad

SPRING: Track & Field

All of these extracurricular activities, in addition to the regular Physical Education program are included in the IHM school curriculum. At Immaculate Heart of Mary School, our student athletes are proud to be Cougar Strong!

For more information about our IHM Athletics Program, please contact our Athletics Director, Mr. Andrew Preimesberger at


Jr Pom Squad